Yep… Out of my mind…

I found this blog on how poor people can’t really become ministers…

So we probably really can’t have poor ministers

Yep that’s my issue. I want to be a minister.. I want it really bad.   I have old student loans to pay off.  I have credit cards to pay off.  I have that first year to pay for…

I am starting to believe that it might be impossible as the economy is so terrible.


6 Responses to “Yep… Out of my mind…”

  1. Elz Says:

    Thanks for this, Elizabeth.

    It is important to realize that this injustice was structured in through specific historical measures that we can evaluate and control with adequate information.

    Rather than sink your comments page, I am going to post it on my own blog,

  2. joylightning Says:

    You are my first comment ever, so thank you back! I saw your blog on this before i read your comment. Agrigators, got to love them! I just find this discussion so uplifting. I’m afraid the whole entire thing may end up coming back to getting congregants to donate more to their churches like the fundies do. So we can pay for what we supposedly value.

  3. Dan Says:

    I’ve heard this argument before, but for what it’s worth I came out of seminary with zero debt. I had been working in low-paying jobs and had no savings; my partner did not earn much either and could not contribute to my seminary costs. To get through seminary, I worked as a 3/4-time DRE in a UU church which was supportive of my studies and compensated me fairly. Yeah it took me six years to graduate, yeah it was a lot of work, yeah I was lucky to have the job I had, but when I was ordained in 2003 I had no debt. So seminary is financially possible for someone who has been working lower middle class jobs.

    On the other hand, the economy sucks right now, which makes it a whole different ball game. And I didn’t even think about seminary until after I had paid down my undergrad debt.

  4. alex Says:

    I posted this at Elz’s blog, too: Maybe another model would be to have a church “sponsor” a seminarian with the agreement the seminarian would work at the church for a specified period of time. Knowing what we’re going through in a Ministerial search, not sure how that would work.

  5. joylightning Says:

    I dream of a sponsor.. But as Dan points out the undergraduate debt must go first. It is a crazy economy now and each month I wonder will I be able to get enough money together for rent. It’s a frightening time.

  6. Jacqueline Says:

    Ahhhh, I think this especially true with UU’s. Unfortunately – we love our expensive post graduate degrees.

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