Losing members the bad way…

In the last 3 weeks we’ve had two members announced that they were leaving the community and one leave the bad way.  There’s a new member G___, she and her family are darling and new members and fully integrated in supporting coffee hour and volunteering to reset the sanctuary after bingo when needed and to watch the fire when there is one.  She would come to RE and say such brilliance and I am afraid I fell in love with her.  She wriggled into my heart and hearing that she was going during joys and concerns with no warning, left me weepy at the microphone.  Like a punch to the gut.  She is moving to be closer to family in January, she can live cheaper up north and while I understand this move, I will miss her terribly and plan to keep track of her even if I have to join face book to get the job done.

A longer member M___ is moving in May to New York to be closer to family and further from the heat and humidity of South Florida, she lives within shouting distance of the airport and with in smelling distance of Port Everglades.  Between US 1 and I-95 and her heath suffers from the pollution that surrounds her.  She misses nature.   She also needs to leave her practically X-husband and his attitude.  This does not make me cry because she is moving so far in the future…

Then there was Mary.  Mary up and died.  I still can’t believe it.  I’d rather they move back home to be close to family.  That’s no way to leave the church!  Mary was a get in there and do the work kind of volunteer.  She was a member for over 35 years.  2 weeks ago she was at the church moving chairs for bingo (a feat that is beyond my strength).  And then we heard that she had a heart attack and died over the weekend.  My first reaction was how is this possible.  Why did Mary move chairs?  Because she loved anything that built the church.   She stood on the corner with a sign encouraging people to come in and play bingo.  She went door to door with ads to get people in to church. She wrote checks to cover advertising in community papers. It was Mary’s goal to make the church financially viable.   I loved that about her.  What ever will we do with out her?  She was a treasure and now we must pick up the slack.

For all 3 dear ones there is grief.  Grief that G____ will be unable to fill her potential.  M_____ is a wonderful addition to the community, with her wisdom and the way she sets the tone.  And fiesty volunteer Mary, who will step up to be what we have lost there?


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2 Responses to “Losing members the bad way…”

  1. Elz Says:

    sorry for your losses. community grieving is a very real phenom — the organism as a whole is in shock.

  2. alex Says:

    Sorry to hear of the death of Mary. The unexpected losses are always hardest to bear.

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