Feeling all ministerial

Today  I attended a perfectly wonderful Re service.  The kids are talented actors and the new Teen advisor is a brilliant O. Henry play adaptor.  And we had a lovely coffee hour with a potential new member at my table.

Then I led a Sunday Enrichment Discussion on Presence.  I wanted to prepare more, but it came to me first in an article from Psychology Today.  The structure was so good,  I just stole it.  I gave copies to everyone afterwords.  I also found an article in the local “Natural Awakenings” Magazine had a lovely presence meditation which I used and encluded in the walk away.

We discussed having an Eckhart Tolli “A New Earth” class.  We may start that next year.   My minister is pleased that these things can happen without her having to plan, organize or control them.   I am glad to help.

Then we went to visit a parisioner in the hospital.  We ended up staying for an hour which was longer than we had planned.  But I felt like we’d done our duty for the day.

Then I came home and made dinner.   A perfect day I think.


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