I did a Ritual

Last Sunday I created and led a ritual to let go of habits we want to get rid of.  I mentioned that I had “read” Karen Armstrong’s Book “The Case For God” and one point that she made (again and again) was that Liturgy was the work of the people and the idea was that religion was to be experienced the idea was not to tell people what to think, but give them experience it for themselves.

I told them as introduction that I wanted them to have an experience so that they would learn something and then  I had people write something (or make a mark – for privacy) on a paper that I had provided. and then fold it half and hold it real tight and without ripping see if your neighbor can pull it away from you.  (Unsuccessful of course) Then I had them  let the habit  go and let their neighbor have the papers… Then baskets were circulated to retrieve crayons and bad habits for burning after service – (I don’t burn paper in the sanctuary – it’s my policy)

If I do this again I would add the part about habits we want to form in  the next year and have people call their good intentions into our sacred space.  So that would be one perfectly good example of participating in ministry. I do such things as a matter of course.  I think it will take practice to record it all.  I will have to remember to keep track of it all here.

Next time I must remember to bring my own lighter so it’s easy burning.  It would be cool to find paper that’s better for burning.  The copy paper is smoky and stinky.  I wonder if they use that at the Vatican.  (Tee hee!)



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