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Religious Literacy

March 8, 2010

This was the title of the talk by Rev. Gail and I knew that there was going to be a test.  I wanted to get all the questions right. Overall my Christianity is a bit shakey.  I was unable to get the first 4 books of the new testament and I could only find 6 commandments living in my brain.  I did know the names of the major books of Hinduism and Islam. I was a bit embarrassed about my score and she has inspired me to memorize these details. It’s not a lot.  The next time, if there is a test.  I want to be ready.

Henry is on travel, I found I missed the opportunity to continue the conversation.   I did talk with our Minister about getting Adult OWL into our church.  I think we should be offering it for ourselves and for the community.  I believe that as a denomination this is something which we have a strategic advantage on and we should be taking the opportunity to offer it.  It’s one of the ways in which we are just better than the other guys. I hope I can make it happen!


Henry is cooler than we thought

March 1, 2010

I spent an outrageous afternoon with Henry talking about just everything.   Apparently he is very very over educated.  He has multiple Masters degrees.  In France I think it was early in her career he studied with Mary Daly.  A man who with a class of men studied with Mary Daly.  Today I saw this blog from Rev Cyn about Mary Daly.  I told Henry today that I was learning a lot from him.  He just couldn’t believe it…  He told me that Mary Daly was teaching him a class of metaphysics and he and his classmates (all men = a long time ago) were not getting it and she was very frustrated and the women at another school were studying the same thing and having no problem with it.  (Men and women are different – I knew that!)  So he’s done a lot of interesting things.  I bet if he tried today he’d figure it out.  He mentioned today that he suffers from depression, and I told him that sometimes I do too.  It seems to very directly with IQ eh?

What a pleasure to have someone so ready to learn and by accident to teach me even more.  I’m so excited to go to RE on Tuesday to see what that brings up.  I’m feeling a bit like I need to study up so that I am ready.  Since his questions follow no particular pattern though, I wonder what it would be that I would study?   Maybe it’s like preparing for a Sermon.  What ever it is will turn up without much help from me.

When I was 13,  there was going to be a standardized test at school, I felt like I should be ‘studying’ for it, but I didn’t know what to study, so I was messing around in my brother’s room, like I shouldn’t have been doing and I came across the driver’s handbook for Florida.  What the heck, nothing better to do, I’ll read it.  So I did and I kind of knew all of that stuff, except that I noticed that to back up you were supposed to turn around and not use your mirrors.  This was surprising to me, I mentioned it to my mother who modeled the technique for me the next place we drove together.  So the next day I took the test and I was almost finished with it when I saw the page, that was from the Florida driver’s handbook and the question about backing up and the choices were with the mirrors or by turning your head around to look.  I skipped reading it and found those were the questions, double checked the answers (in case there was another version) and then hurried on to the last section of the test.

In seventh grade I was considered the best reader in the school.  Reading at 12th grade level.  I scored so high because I studied, without knowing it, the exact right thing on the exact right day.  So I’ll cast around and see what falls into my hands.