You can never tell…

By laws changes passed uncorrected and mostly unchallenged.  It appears that the congregation read them or talked to someone who did.  I was worried and tried to do deep breathing during the process.  In the end it was the election not the by-laws that was the nail biter.  We had 2 suggestions immediately about how we can change them again.  It will be a while before anyone is brave enough to take them up again. The suggestion has been to rework our vision and mission and create equitable by-laws from that.  In other words to throw out the whole thing and start over.  I think it’s a good suggestion.  I don’t know if I have staying power to get through all of that.  Someone saw me at the meeting actively biting my nails.  (bad habit, must stop) Asked me why… I was incredulous.  Why would I be stressed when we are voting on 2 years of work of mine. Gee Whiz!

The best part of this vote is my new stick (or the new Stewardship Chairs stick) we voted to require that an annual pledge card be required for continuing voting rights.  This should assist the Stewardship Campaign.  The unwillingness to give  a number, any number has been a thorn in the sides of Stewardship / Canvass Chairpeople since I have been a member.  I remember being unwilling to fill out a pledge form myself.  I have learned to do it, on the first day, arriving at Stewardship Sunday with a number in mind.  I think if people can learn to read and evaluate by-law changes before the meeting on said changes, that they can learn to turn in that pledge card too.  In the past if no card was submitted and a contribution made, then you were still a voting member.  Now they have to show up (or mail in) a pledge and they will be on the books.

I know it’s a risk, that we might lose hangers on.  But I don’t think so.  I think we’ll all step up and the new members will come in with the knowledge that this is how it is.  Nice.


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