Plan B…

Well, folks, it finally happened.  Sunday Service Presenter did not show up.  Just didn’t grace us with his presence.  Oh Lawd, Lawd Lawd.  So I had, being paranoid and stuff, prepared a last minute plan B.  In case perhaps he showed up late and before the presentation. for Call to Community I did Come Come whoever you are, to call him into the room.  But alas I did not work.  I received the offer of a 20 minute talk by Charlie the organist on diversity (ok sort of on diversity, not much on diversity)  But it was good and it was information I wanted the congregation to have…   So Sunday Service happened any how.  No matter what, it took place.  I have been threatening to write a sermon called “In case of Emergency”  I have never done it.  Perhaps I could c0-write such a thing with my favorite pre-aspirant so we can be ready with something original, if we ever need yet  another plan B.

How I respond to emergencies!

You Just forgot?


One Response to “Plan B…”

  1. joylightning Says:

    By the way… No appology ever. Can you imagine? For me never volunteer to do a service unless you plan to DO the service or replace yourself should something untoward happen. Don’t make me make that face again!

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