Reading List lately

I’ve read, The Ramen King and Me, which was surprisingly spiritual. It would be instructive for anyone with issues that can be treated 12 step wise.

Islam: A Short History by Karen Armstrong, which surprised me with Bad news about how Islam came to be what it sometimes is

The Buddha: A story of enlightenment by Depok Chopra which was very charming, it’s a fairy story based on the life of the man who became Buddha.

Incidents in the life of a  Slave Girl by Herself which was very alarming, about how cruel we can be to one another.  This reminds me how man should never be set over man.  After which I heard a talk from a British man who was imprisioned at Guantanimo.  I am very upset that we are not getting better.  I have this childish belief that we become more humane as time passes and then I hear another story about us acting worse than animals.  Animals don’t torture.  They kill or try to kill for defense or eating purposes.

Now I am attempting to read Classic poetry on my nook.  Surprisingly I am not hating it all. Some of it is surprisingly familiar.  Pieces quoted out become a part of our language with no reference to the original.  For the most part, I like Emerson’s prose better than his poetry.  But I am just getting started.

I have the Rubiat of Omar Kayam in a pile, perhaps that shall be next…

I am entering read material into a database I have created so I can track stuff for that application that one makes for ministry.   If that could ever possibly happen.


Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl


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