Christmas with the Jews and the Jehovah’s Witnesses…

I had to do this post on my ministerial asperant page.  I had to do this here so that i can ensure that none of the players manage to find it and find themselves.

My family,  we are diverse.  We are religiously diverse.  I am a Unitarian Universalist, My brother is an agnostic,  My SIL a “bad Jew”, My niece and her children Jehovah’s witnessess, My other neice, clearly Jewish,  Her brother is undeclared with a Christian raised / Hindu wife of chinese descent. I don’t think I have forgotten anyone there.

Normal My SIL the “bad Jew” does the family celebrations.  Her children come I come “Auntie Joy” and her Mother and the occasional sibling and friend who we haven’t met yet.    She does it but she is sick and couldn’t clean the house or really prepare the meal.  So My niece the Jehovah’s Witness really did the preparations,  As much as she could because she is sick.  Her and her family got everything ready and then disappear during the meal and the gift exchange,  when that ritual is over the Jehovah’s Witnesses who prepared the meal, rejoin the family and we go on having fun as a family.

It just struck me that no matter how strange it might seem to me that they don’t celebrate stuff, they are still ready to serve to prepare the party for us.  She’s turned out quite well and her kids are pretty cool too.  I think “Christians” who can manage good works, are unitarian (meaning as opposed to trinitarain) and are consistant about their belief while accepting that mine are quite different.  That’s my kind of Christian really.  It’s so close to home.  I hope she continues to be the serviceful example of Christian living,  even though she has to dissappear for part of the festivities.  I can live with it.

Ironically, there were few actual Christians there.  But we exchange gifts because we want to.  And that’s nice. I am hoping that they didn’t go broke over obtaining my gifts.

Tommorrow night (for me Christmas day 3.  We gather as a family in the evening to eat Italien and enjoy.  It sounds pretty nice right now.



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