About Me

This is my first post.  My intention here is to share my musings about the reading I am doing for the Unitarian Universalist Ministry.  My effort to become a minister is a an uphill battle as I am quite poor right now.  Like everyone else effected by this outrageous economy.  But what I can accomplish is to read the MFC reading list and make good notes for myself.  I am also serving as a lay leader at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Lauderdale.  I have had some experience in Sermonizing, Church Leadership and being available for doing the work of church management.

According to an article recently released by the Florida District of the UUA, I am an Elder having been at the church for a certain amount of time, and having been involved (to a limited extent) in National, State and Cluster activities.   I actually found out before.  When the board suggested a calendaring meeting I was the only one on the board who’d been to one before.  So I was suddenly in charge.  This was my first experience in a long time of “Response – Ability” (the response to ability) .

Over the summer as our minister was on Sabbatical I served as host to many other ministers filling in for her.   Many of these leaders wondered why I hadn’t been to seminary and I started to realize that perhaps they have a point.  The point being perhaps that I have to believe in myself to start this process.  So I have started reading.  I thought I would put reviews and notes up here as by the time I need this information, I will certainly have lost much of it.   In fact much of the reading I have already done, is quickly slipping away out of my conscious mind.  So I have to start writing notes before it’s all gone gone gone.

Before I attempt to be an aspirant, I will have to have a day job lined up…  And now for the truth.. Joyce is not my first Name and Lightning is not my last… It’s so unlike my actually name as to be puzzling… The answer to this puzzle is my work.  I work as a computer programmer.  And I get the feeling that my extreme interest in becoming a spiritual leader is a show stopper for getting hired once again as a computer programmer.  So,  I’m just not able to be myself. If you are good at puzzles you will totally be able to guess my name.  But please don’t guess.  Or keep it to yourself.  Let me be Joyce until I am an aspirant for real, and then I can go back to my birth name or not if this is just too cool to let go of.

You can call me Joy. I like the idea of a name that is also a quality.


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